PDF viewer window caption

A question came across today regarding the Window’s Title caption not displaying the file name when viewing a PDF.  Doing some hands-on investigating, I found these examples:

PDF Properties Title Set (Tagged)

I have this PDF file name: Crowe NetTrax 32-bit Labels.pdf
When I opened it in Adobe Acrobat Reader, I’m only seeing “Crowe”?
When I go to File –> Properties I see the Title is “Crowe”.
I also noticed the Tagged PDF: Yes.


PDF Properties Title Not Set

If there is no title in the PDF properties, the window caption will default to the file name:image.png


PDF Properties Title Set (Not Tagged)

Another curveball appears to be if the PDF is tagged.
If the PDF is not tagged, the reader uses the file name, regardless if there is a title present.
Tested on :
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (2020.009.20065)
  • Foxit Reader (

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