NetTrax.NET Hosted

NetTrax.NET Hosted is the same thin client .NET 4.0 web application as the On-Site thin client. The difference is Bradford Systems hosts the application for you in our secure data centers. This is a great solution for customers that have minimal I.T. departments/resources or for any company that wants to maintain systems less and focus their employee resources on more important things.


NetTrax.NET Thick Client

NetTrax.NET thick client is a .NET 4.0 application that is deployed to each workstation. The thick client is normally used in the Records Center where end-users perform more advanced functions such as color label generation, report generation, cordless barcode download, and more.

NetTrax.NET Thin Client

NetTrax.NET thin client is a .NET 4.0 web-based application that is accessed via an Internet browser. The big advantage to thin client deployment is the installation and maintenance is very low as it only needs to be maintained on the webserver.

Other Solutions

Microsoft® SharePoint® WebParts

The NetTrax.NET Microsoft® SharePoint® WebParts adds NetTrax.NET functionality to your SharePoint® site. Search for records, request records, or even view your currently checked out records right from your SharePoint® site.

Microsoft® Office® Add-In

The NetTrax.NET Microsoft® Office® Add-In allows you to search the NetTrax.NET database from within Microsoft® Outlook®. The Add-In also allows you to send emails from Outlook® directly to NetTrax.NET from the Outlook® interface that users are already familiar with.

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