About Us

Our business was founded on January 1, 1968. NetTrax.NET is a division of Bradford Systems Corporation started by Link Bradford. Link recognized that as information technology expanded there was a very valuable use for it in records management. Bradford Systems started developing software over 20 years ago. It all began with an MS-DOS based tracking product called ImageTrax. Since then there have been 5 major revisions of the software which has changed names and is now called NetTrax.NET.

The NetTrax.NET team consists of several key people. Below is a little more information on each of them.


Link Bradford

Link Bradford is Bradford Systems Corporation President.  He is involved in the design and configuration of records management databases and management systems.  His work covers:

  • Configuration and design of Databases for Record Management systems.
  • Integration Engineering across databases.
  • Design and specification of user interfaces.
  • Tracking and managing physical records with barcode technology.
  • Design and process flow for imaging systems.
  • Converting previous systems to new technology.

Link has spoken at over 50 seminars on Records Management software and other events such as:

  • Regional AIIM conferences on Managing Electronic Documents
  • Regional ARMA conferences on Technology in Records Management

Link has been with Bradford Systems for over 20 years. Before that, he was a Software Design Engineer for Texas Instruments in the Semiconductor Division.  Link was a coop with IBM during college while he earned a BS degree in Computer Science from Indiana University.

Pete SralPete90x90
VP Software Development

Pete started with Bradford Systems in 1996 while finishing in computer science degree from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.  Pete is now the VP of Software Development responsible for the development, testing, migrations, and deployment of all our software products.   Pete works with Microsoft and other tools and technologies to provide our clients with the best possible solution to meet their business needs.

Andy Borchik
System Administrator

Andy started working at Bradford Systems Corporation in 2017.

Ryan Bradford

Ryan earned his BS degree in Computer Science from Indiana University in 2019.

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