Upgrading to the Datalogic Memor™ barcode reader

Back when we used the Percon TopGun and more recently the PT40 you could plug them in, run ptfer.exe and download the collected data.  The Datalogic Memor™ uses USB to connect to the PC.  This is great because newer computers do not come with a serial port; however, there are extra steps needed to successfully connect and download the collected data from the Memor™.

There are 3 things you will definitely need and possibly a 4th when upgrading from a Percon TopGun or PT40 to a Datalogic device.

  1. USB Driver for Memor™
  2. ActiveSync (Windows XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista, Win 7+).
  3. DLXfer
  4. Update to your application (if applicable).


1. USB Driver for Memor™ (Outdated)

Before you plug in your device to the PC, install the USB driver first!  The driver is on the CD included with the device (if running on Windows 7 or older).

2. Synchronization Software

Windows Mobile Device Center (Windows Vista, 7, 8,10)

Download (32-bit) or (64-bit) and Install Windows Mobile Device Center.  Go with the 32-bit version if you are not sure.  If you explore (browse) to C:\ if you see a Program Files (x86) and Program Files then you have 64-bit otherwise if you only see Program Files then you have 32-bit.

3. Data Transfer Program

The Percon / PT40 devices use a program called ptfer.exe to communicate and download the collected data from the device.  The Datalogic Memor™ doesn’t come with a “ptfer” program, so we had to write our own and we called it “DLXfer”  (Datalogic Transfer or Download Transfer).

We have a number of clients running DLXfer in production and it works with “all” versions of our software with one exception ..see #4 all the way at the bottom of the screen for details.

There are different versions of DLXfer, if you are a NetTrax.Net user you should already have the correct version included with your application setup.  If not, the 1st two numbers in your version will determine the version of DLXfer you need.

You can see the different versions here, download the latest version:

  • 2.5 targets .Net Framework 3.5
    • use this version if using .Net NetTrax 2.5.x.x
  • 3.0 targets .Net Framework 4.0
    • use this version if using .Net NetTrax 3.0.x.x

Older versions of NetTrax can use either 2.5 or 3.0


Application Workstation Settings

In your settings, you will need to replace the Download Program from ptfer.exe to DLXfer.exe.  Even though it does not use a COM Port anymore, you might need to keep it set to something otherwise the menu item will be disabled or not visible.

Screenshot of DLXfer

DataLogic Transfer Program
DataLogic Transfer Program

(Optional) #4… If you run DLXfer and it locks up

NetTrax.Net users this doesn’t apply to you.  This should only apply to NetTrax 4.x users (if you are running 3.x or 2.x this should not happen; but, if it does, read the following).  If you run DLXfer and DLXfer hangs (freezes up), then you will need a new version with a fix.  The fix has been documented in our bug tracking system in FS#288

The problem is how NetTrax shells (starts) the DLXfer program.  The code worked fine when shelling to ptfer.exe; but, not DLXfer.exe.

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