Resetting the DataLogic Memor™

Warm Boot

A warm boot closes all applications, clears the working RAM, but preserves the file system and registry. If an application “hangs” initiate a warm boot to terminate the application.

To perform a warm boot, press these keys simultaneously:

Warm Boot (ESC + POWER)

Cold Boot

A cold boot is a complete reset of the Memor™ in which all applications are forcibly closed and RAM is completely cleared. Registry is restored from persistent memory and the RAM file system is completely erased.  NetTrax scans are stored in flash memory and will be preserved even when performing a cold boot.

A cold boot is necessary when the Windows CE operating system locks up.

Press these keys simultaneously (press the control joystick straight down as if clicking it, not down as in pointing down (south) and hold for 10 seconds (count slowly).

Memor Cold Boot

Release all three keys at the same time.

The light on the Memor™ will turn green and then start flashing orange. The screen will remain blank for a few seconds, just be patient, eventually the device will come on and finish booting up.

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