ETS: Entering new tasks (issues)

Following is an outline of the different fields you will see when entering new tasks and what should go in them.

To enter a new task click on the “New Issue” tab and that will let you enter a new task.

  1. Enter A Title: this is a short but description of the task, the title will be used in release notes (if applicable).
  2. Fill in the properties of the task:
  • Status – use this to track an issue through the product issue life cycle, default should be “New”.
  • Priority – use this to indicate which issues should be at the top of the to-do pile and are most critical.
  • Assigned To – use this to assign a particular user as the first to act on this issue after it is reported.
  • Category – use this to help identify which area of the project the noted issue is a part of.
  • Type – use this to identify if the item is something to improve on or a problem with the current operation.
  • Milestone – use this to identify the target completion phase/release number for any output generated under this issue.
  • Resolution – leave blank.
  • Owned By – use this to indicate who is ultimately responsible for this item and seeing it through to completion.
  • Affected Milestone – use this to indicate which phase/release the issue is noted in.
  • Private – use this check box to indicate that this issue is not for public viewing (hidden from anonymous logins and any who do not have permissions for the project
  • Due Date – use this date field to indicate when the resolution must be reach by.
  • Percent Completion – will be set be set by assigned to person.
  • Estimation – not used.
  • Description – The ultimately most important field, use this to provide as much detail as possible about the issue. Include references to screenshots if appropriate, steps to reproduce any errors and specific circumstances surrounding the environment where the issue was noted.
  • Attachment – While adding a new issue, a user can choose to attach a file. The option to attach a file is shown below the Description text editor. In order to attach a file, click the Choose File button and then browse for the desired file.

Optionally enter a description for the file attachment which will help to identify its contents beyond its title.

After filling out all of the issue information clicking the save button will attach the file while saving the new issue.

When done click the “Save” or “Save & Return” button in the upper right hand corner:

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