Biggest Headache first!

Bottom up methodology is the most successful way to implement most Records Management projects.  By starting with the one record series or loan type first that is causing the biggest problems or would impact the business the most first.  You will learn the tools you have selected in a focused manner that has a much better chance of success and momentum if Phase 1 goals are achieved in a reasonable amount of time.

Knowing the tool and having experience with it will help you apply it to other departments or Record Types better and quicker after your initial success.  The other departments will want to be a part of your positive results.  Over and over I see Phase 2 go well when Phase 1 was defined and not enlarged during the process.  “We can do that in phase 2” is a great way of saying I hear your suggestion and I think it’s important – but it’s not going to derail our mission critical Phase 1.

I have seen many many top down projects just put under IT’s control only to think that software can just be installed on one server and everybody will start using it.  How do you spell failure?  Let’s just say everyone started using it, the IT guys think it’s working.  But in reality, if people aren’t using it correctly you are just building up a cleanup or conversion at a later time when the business lines dig into it.

Start projects small, and team with your IT staff to phase in an approach you can train people on as it grows and you will hit your target.

Link Bradford