.NET Version Detector

ASoft .NET Version Detector

I often find myself needing to check the version of the Microsoft .NET Framework that is installed on a PC. If your looking for .NET 4.0 it’s pretty easy, you can go into add/remove programs and you’ll see it listed (or not). But things get a little messy when you start talking about 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5.

Thankfully the folks over at ASoft have come up with a nice lightweight app that can tell you exactly what versions of the .NET Framework are installed.

.NET Version Detector is a native application, which means it isn’t dependent on any version of .NET to run. If a certain version isn’t on the machine you can simply click the link that .NET Version Detector suggests, making it is easier for the novice user to find the runtimes. Also, detailed information is given on where the .NET Frameworks are installed with links to the directories. The details can easily be copied by a user, to paste in an email. Another cool feature is a handy list of versions of the .NET framework that are installed by default on each OS is also provided.

No longer do you have to dig around trying to find the .NET Frameworks that are installed or where they are installed.