Dymo® Labels: Changing the label type without losing label objects

It looks like you have to recreate a new label if you want to change the label type of an existing Dymo® label.  I thought the Dymo® software would allow me to change the label type while keeping the existing objects.  I didn’t see a way to do it in the Dymo® Label Software (“DLS”).  I tried selecting all the objects; however, the Copy option was disabled.

Here is a sample of a label where I want to change the label type from an Address Label to a Folder Label and then adjust the label objects to fit the new layout.


I changed the label type:


Which resulted in a new / empty label:

 All of the existing objects are gone 😡 


The Dymo® .label file is an XML text file and the XML stores the layout type:

<PaperName>30252 Address</PaperName>

 I saved the empty label to a file and opened in a text editor then I copied the layout type information and replaced the elements in my original XML:

<PaperName>30327 File Folder - offset</PaperName>

Then opened the original .label file in the Dymo® software and I have my new label type with all my objects intact:


Using DLS v8.5.1

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