NetTrax Thick Client: Configuring an attached USB barcode reader/scanner

Instructions on configuring a USB attached barcode reader in NetTrax that communicates with the computer when the barcode is read.

1. Download the manufacturer’s USB to COM driver:

Most manufacturers of USB barcode scanners have a virtual COM port driver.  Download and install this driver from their web site..  Follow the instructions as stated by the manufacturer.  In most cases, do not connect the USB device to the computer until after the driver has been installed.

If the manufacturer does not have a USB to COM driver then the device can only be used in Keyboard Emulation mode.  This means, the barcode read will be inputted into the field that has the current focus.

2. Program the device to use the USB to COM emulation:

After installation of the driver has be completed, connect the USB device.

In the manual for the device, find the configuration barcode to switch the device to use USB Com Port Emulation.


For Example:


Follow the manufacturer’s instruction.


After applying the setting to the device,  you should see a Windows notification that new hardware has been found and that driver(s) are being installed.


3. Find the Virtual COM Port Assigned

Go to Control Panel à System à Device Manager, find Ports (COM & LPT).


For Example:


You should now have a virtual COM port assigned.  Note the COM port # as it will be used in NetTrax’s configuration.  In the above screenshot it is COM3.

4. Update the Attached Barcode Device workstation settings in NetTrax:

In NetTrax, navigate to the View menu à Workstation Settings and click on “Attached Scanning Device” to load the current settings:

Change the following settings:

·         Set “Serial Connection”

·         Change the COM Port to the value of the virtual port number assigned (in our example, it is 3)

Baud Rate, Data Bits, Parity and Stop Bit should be left as-is unless the manufacturer’s documentation state otherwise.

5. Save Changes and return to Main Screen of NetTrax:

                Scan a barcode and NetTrax will react:

    • Valid Barcode: data will display on screen.
    • Invalid Barcode: message box saying so.

If there is no response, exit out of NetTrax completely and log back in and try again.



From Datalogic’s web site:

SW & Utilities


For use on all Windows 32 and 64 bit systems. Certified for Windows including XP, Win7, Win8, and Win10 (RS1 thru RS3); auto detects OS version and installs the appropriate driver. Automatically recognizes and associates with Datalogic Scanning USB-COM equipped products. Enables data coming from the USB port to be seen by the host as if it is coming from a standard COM port (using a host defined virtual COM port). Any existing software application supporting serial communications can utilize USB scanner connectivity simply by redirecting the data input to the defined virtual COM port. Improved installation with no need for Admin privileges. “USB composite” scanner interface is not supported on Windows XP Operating system.