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NetTrax.NET Microsoft® SharePoint® WebParts makes records mangement tasks even easier. Now, right from any SharePoint page you can have access to NetTrax.NET. Imagine, your end users already have a departmental page, Human Resources for example, where they go to check calendars, access shared documents, etc… Now they can perform their records related tasks there as well.

58% of companies using SharePoint® are not using it to store scanned image files. [Source: AIIM, N=436 “SharePoint® Using or Planning”] Why? SharePoint® is a platform provider, not a solution! NetTrax.NET SharePoint® WebParts allow you to leverage the records management tools of NetTrax.NET and the powerful platform of Microsoft® SharePoint®.

Electronic Content Management or ECM is extremely important for any company as the information we all have to manage continues to grow. SharePoint® is a platform that can cross the entire enterprise with various partners adding functionality to ECM. Using the NetTrax.NET SharePoint® WebParts you can turn sites or pages into well organized, classified, enterprise controlled repositories!

The NetTrax.NET Microsoft® SharePoint® WebPart provides the following functions:

  • Search the NetTrax.NET database
  • Request files for delivery (physical files)
  • View images (electronic files)
  • View records checked out to you
  • View pending requests
  • View workflow status/queue

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