Resetting (Rebooting) the Datalogic Memor™ X3

There are 3 ways to reset the Datalogic Memor™ X3

 ·         Warm boot: terminates an unresponsive application and clears the working RAM, but preserves both the file system and the registry.

To perform a warm boot, press these keys simultaneously:

·         Cold boot: forces all applications to close and clears working RAM and files not resident on the persistent flash memory. Registry is restored from persistent memory if available or returned to factory default.

To perform a cold boot, press these keys simultaneously:

·         Clean boot: restores the Memor™ X3 to factory configuration: registry and file system return to factory default.

To perform a clean boot, follow these steps:

1. Perform a Cold Boot (see Cold Boot).

2. Quickly release all the keys when the screen goes black.

3. Within 1 second press and hold down the Esc and 0 keys until the Clean boot confirmation shows up.

4. Release the Esc and 0 keys.

5. Enter 1 to proceed with the Clean Boot sequence. Enter 0 to cancel the CleanBoot and proceed with a Cold Boot.



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