Syncing the Datalogic Memor™ date/time with host computer

The Datalogic Memor™ date and time can be synced with the host PC.  In order for this to happen the Memor™ has to be properly synced with Windows Mobile Device Center.

1. Connect the Memor™ by attaching the USB cable or placing the Memor™ into the docking cradle.  Windows Mobile Device Center should then appear.

2. Click on “Setup up your device” and we do not need to sync any items, uncheck all check boxes:

3. Click Next and set the “Device Name” this will appear on the screen:

4. Click “Set up” to complete the syncing.  Now when the device is connected you will see the device name and a different list of options.  You can use the “File Management” option to manually copy files from the device to the computer.